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Green Home Realty was born with a definite idea and approach, an idea of two professionals in the field Vitalia Foddis e Gian Marco Tatti: Provide the client with a structure that can assist him or her every step of the real estate journey, whether buying or selling, vacationing in Sardinia or enhancing your property and much, much more.

With this goal in mind, Green Home Sardegna was born, dealing not only with the sale and rental of real estate in Sardinia but also with vacation homes and real estate investments for all those who wish to seize unique opportunities.

Green Home Sardinia’s services range across the board in real estate and beyond.

Vitalia Foddis - founder Green Home Sardinia Real Estate

Vitalia Foddis

Vitalia Foddis - Founder Green Home Sardinia Immobiliare 2Vitalia Foddis - Founder Green Home Sardinia Immobiliare 2

Green Home Realty represents for me the realization of a dream and the possibility to do the work I love with all the passion without feeling the fatigue and sacrifice. Born in 1981, for ten years I worked as a secretary and bookkeeper for companies and then set out on the road to real estate at the age of 30, creatingmore than a decade of experience with several specializations, includingqualifying as a Condominium Administrator.

Experience, tenacity and empathy are my strength and that which allows me to become anally for the client, who needs a figure to follow him or her and solve the problems arising at all stages of selling, buying and renting in this dynamic real estate market.

I always repeat to my clients that the choice of a house comes from the gut, from the epicenter of our emotions, we need to imagine ourselves inside the house, in the small daily routines because after all, home means warmth and protection.

I see my work as helping people realize their dreams, and each time their excitement is my own

This adventure is just beginning, but I am sure that with the motto “want is power,” this new reality is ready to take flight to broader horizons.

Gian Marco Tatti

Green Home Sardinia - Gian Marco Tatti - founder - who we are

I am the owner and sole director of Edilconsulenze, a Cagliari-based company that provides guidance and operational assistance to individuals and businesses in management, strategic and organizational matters.

I have 25 years of experience in the construction industry of construction and renovation behind me, an important path built over time through tenacity and passion for my work.

I start this new project by including the same few ingredients that have always distinguished me: passion, seriousness professionalism and fairness.

My goal is to make sure that the client is surrounded and supported in his choices by a staff of professionals who can follow and support him in his decisions so that he can achieve his results to the best of his ability, with minimal effort and quickly.

Green Home Sardinia - Gian Marco Tatti - founder - who we are

From the ideas and comparison of these two figures comes a new and unique synergy.

Amulti-service agency capable of offering a comprehensive product that can follow, manage and protect your journey.


The future is green - GREEN HOME!

Green Home Sardinia Real Estate - Founders Who We Are

... the future is Green Home

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